Get Some Precious Idea on SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Get Some Precious Idea on SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard about SEO? Maybe you have. Search Engine Optimization is not only a link building strategy but also a huge and important task.Link building is just a part of it.Today I will share some Crystal clear idea about SEO with you.
Manage 7-8 minutes to read this blog post. I swear you will thank me later for this.

SEO is a method of optimizing a website or web content for search engine such as google,yahoo,Bing and so on.Google  is now the biggest SE. It has become the most favorite one too because of its vast available information.When you rank well on google you’ll rank  well on other search engines too.

What does SEO do?

It  plays a vital role for  web content or website appearance on Search Engine(Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.)

Optimizing your website will result in :

  • Increase of visits and traffic
  • It will boost your Sale
  • Increase Site usability
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Cost Effectiveness

Why Should you Care about Optimizing your Site?

You should care about optimizing your website because

  • You don’t want to lag behind your competitors (Similar business like yours are your competitors )
  • You want to attract your valuable customers
  • You want a great profit from your business locally or globally

How Can you deal with Search Engine Optimization?

Hire an expert SEO service provider company. Be careful choosing a company or individual who  won’t fool you with fake guarantee of bringing you on top of google within a short time.Because nobody can give you guarantee of  getting results within a short time.It depends on several factors. Google is changing search algorithm.So it may takea standard  time to rank well.Normally a website gets rank within 3 to 6 month.

Most important Part of Search Engine Optimization:

On page Optimization is the most important part.

  • Check if your website titles,meta tags are properly optimized or not.If not concentrate on it.Each page should have optimized unique tiles and meta tags.
  • Find out your competitive keywords are on your website.These keywords are the keys  google will use to find your website. Make a good selection of keywords.
  • And Concentrate on great and unique content.Because Content is king now.Google values great content very much.So having uniue and interesting content will bring you a huge business.
  • Create some internal link to your web pages.Select one page as a main page which should  get linked 4 times than other pages.
  • Use anchor text with keyword.Don’t do it in a bad manner.Don’t use a keyword too many times.Its called keyword stuffing.It won’t bring any good result except risk of getting your website penalized.

That’s all you need to do for on page optimization.

Off page Optimization :

Now this one is the hard part.Get high authority links for your website.I will share some hidden treasure with you.Just follow the way and enjoy the magic.

Here’s 5 Effective way of getting high authority links :

Join Community:

Join communities relevant to your business.Don’t use your business name as your username.That will be identified as spam and throw you out of the community.Use some real name.Be active on those communities.That will bring you valued customer and referral traffic too.You will get niche link from those communities.

Competitor’s Link analysis:

This one is a great source.Keep an eye on your competitors back linking profile.You can use backlink watch tool. It’s completely free seo tool to check websites back link.Of course choose high authority links.Avoid bad links even if your competitors have their link there.

Social Media:

Where do people spend vast time now? Silly question.Isn’t it? People stays on social media the most now.So if you want to get their attention be visible on social network. Social Media Marketing will attract people.
You will reach your business purpose.

Blog Post:

Blog post works like a  magnet.Write interesting blog post.It’s an effective way. That magnetic post will
attract people.They with talk about it,share it.As a result you will reach your goal.

Good Article:

There’s no alternative of good article.Do  web research.write unique article with great informative content.That will get your business on fire.Get High traffic and valuable customers.